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Strengthening and Widening (four lane) of Tirun elveli – Sengottai – Kollam Road (SH-39)from Km 5/000 to Km 50/600 in the State of Tamil Nadu under TNRSP II to be exec uted on Design, Build, Finance, Operate, Maintainand Transfer (DBFOMT) on Modified Annuity Basis.


e-Procurement Notice

BID NOTICE No. TNRSPII/PPP03/2017    Date: 28.06.2017




1.       The Government of India has received loan from theInternational Bank for ion & Development towards the cost of Tamil Nadu Road Sector Project-II and intends to apply a part ofthe funds to cover eligib le payments under the contracts for construction of works as detailed below.  Bidding is open to allBidders from eligible sour ce countries as defined in the “Guidelines: Procurement under IBRD Loans and Credits“January 2011 edition as update d in July 2014. Bidders are advised to note the minimum qualification criteriaspecified in Clause 2.3 of Request For P roposal (RFP) to qualify for the award of thecontract.


  1. The Superintending Engineer (H),TNRSP II, Chennai on behalf of Governor ofTamil Nadu invites bids for the construction of works detailed below:


         Project Scope & Duration:


         The scope of work will broadly include the dessign, engineering, fi

&ancing, procurement, construction, operation, and maintenance for upgrading of theexisting carriageway to Four orizontal and vertical alignment improvements, construction of new pavement, construction of ROB &LUS (excluding railway portio n), construction and/or rehabilitation of major and minor bridges, culverts, road intersections,interchanges, bus / truck lay byes,drains, road safety enhancements, until the transfer at the end of the Concession Period. TheConcession period for the proposed pr oject is 10 (Ten) years including 2 (Two) years constructionperiod.


The Bid document is available onlineand should be submitted online  The bidder would be required to register in the web-site which is fre e of cost.  To participatein the e-tendering process, it is mandatory for the bidders to have class-III Digital Signature Cert ificate (DSC) (in the name ofperson who will sign the proposal) from any of the licensed Certifying Agencies (Bidders can see the l ist of licensed CA’sfrom the link The Nodal Officer (email: ) in the office of Employer wou ld facilitate obtainingof DSC for foreign bidders through respective Embassies and Consulates.  Aspiring bidders who have not obtained the user IDand password for participating in e-tendering in this Project, may obtain the same from the website: www.tntend  Anon-refundable fee of Rs. 10,000/- (Rupees Ten Thousand Only) (inclusive of tax) is required to be paid (as defi ned in paragraph1.2.1 of the RFP document) towards the cost of the RFP process. The mode of payment shall be in the form of online payment throughthe URL link specified for online payment in the web site or through payable to t he account ofthe Divisional Engineer (H), Tamil Nadu Road Sector Project -II,Chennai.

Bidders are advised to download the Bid document prior to the Pre-Bid meeting in order forbidders to have a good understanding of the scope of work under this contract for discussion and clarification at the Pre-Bidmeeting.


  1. Bids shall be valid for 120 days after the dead line date specified for submisssion.< meetinli>


  1. Details of the road and road length are shown in the table ‘BiddingDetails&rs elow:

Bidding Details

< strong>Road Name

Strengthening and Widening (four lane) of Tirunelveli – Sengottai – Koll am Road (SH-39)from Km 5/000 to Km 50/600 in the State of Tamil Nadu under TNRSP II to be executed on Design, Build, Finance, Opera te, Maintainand Transfer (DBFOMT) on Modified Annuity Basis

10 years (Including 24 months of Construction period)

SL No.

Length inKm*




*This includes railway portion of 31.2m which will be executed by Railways.


  1. Bidsmust be submitted on e-procurement system on or before 12:00 hours (local time as per server) on 07.09.2017 and will be opee med online on 12.09.2017 at 12:30 hours.  Any bid or modification to bid (includingdiscounts on bid submitted on e-procurement system) received outside e-procurement system will not beconsidered.


  1. Bidders are invited to attend a Pre-bid meeting and workshop on03.08.2017 at 11:30 hours atthe office of the PROJECT DIRECTOR, TNRSP II, Chennai to clarify issues andto answer the questions on any matter that maybe raised at that stage as stated in RFPdocument.


  1. All Bids must be accompanied by a BidSecurity of INR 2.04 Crore or anequivalent amount in a freely convertible currency. 


    < li>Interested eligible biddersmay obtain further information from Superintending Engineer (H), Tamil Nadu Road Sector Project II, C hennai at the address givenbelow.


Other details can be seen in the Bid document. The Employer sh all not be held liable forany delays due to system failure beyond its control. Even though the system will attempt to notify the bi dders of any bid updates,the Employer shall not be liable for any information not received by the bidder. It is the bidders’ responsibility to verifythe website for the latest information related to this tender.




Superintending Engineer (H),

Tamil Nadu Road Sector Project II, Chennai.

(For an         &nb on behalf of the Governorof Tamil Nadu)



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