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General Procurement Notice


Project ID P160223
Project Title Roads and Employment Project
Country Lebanon
Notice No OP00066620
Notice Type General Procurement Notice
Notice Status Published
Borrower Bid Reference N/A
Procurement Method N/A
Language of Notice English
Submission Deadline Date/Time N/A
Published Date February 13, 2019


Organization/Department Council for Development and Reconstruction
Name Wafa Charafeddine
Address Tallet Al Serail, Riad El SolhP.O.Box: 3170/11, Beirut, Lebanon
City N/A
Province/State Lebanon
Postal Code N/A
Country Lebanon
Phone 9611981380




Country: Lebanon

Nameo f Project: Roads and Employment

Sector: Transportation


Loan No.:  8705 -LB

Project ID No.P160223


The Republic of Lebanon (the Borrower) has received financing in the amount of US$ 200million from the World Bank towardthe cost of the [Roads and Employment project], and it intends to apply partof the proceeds to payments for goods , works, related services and consulting services to be procured under this project. TheBorrower has designated the Council for Dev elopment and Reconstruction (CDR) to be the implementingagency.


The project will include the following c omponents:

Component 1: RoadsRehabilitation and Maintenance

This component will primar ily finance works for the rehabilitation andmaintenance of about 500 km of primary, secondary, and tertiary roads, including road s afety and spot improvements; as well assupporting consultancy services. The works include asphalt overlays, drainage works, base an d subbase reconstruction on selectedsections, slope stabilization works, retaining walls, as well as roadside improvements on secti ons crossing towns (sidewalks,planting trees). Most road works will be within the existing right of way. Road rehabilitation activi ties are estimated at US$150million and will be financed under about 15 different local contracts.  The component will also fi nance consultancy servicesfor the design and supervision of the rehabilitation works described above, estimated at about US$8 milli on. It will also financethe piloting of multi-year routine maintenance contracts (two or three-year contracts), estimated at a tota l of about US$15million, to be undertaken by small local contractors on a select number of the newly rehabilitated road sections.

Component 2: Improving Road Emergency Response Capacity

This component is aimed atimproving the capacity of the MPWT to deal with road emergency works, especially those induced by snow and climate extremes. This coompon impront will finance the purchase of road vehicles and equipment, particularly those needed for snow removal and landslidesrepairs.component will finance the purchase of 15 wheel loaders, 10 snow blowers, 5 salt spreaders, and 10 four wheel drivevehicles.

Component 3: Capacity Building and Implementation Support

This component isaimed at buildingthe capacity of the Lebanese agencies in the planning and management of the road sector. It will also contributeto the training an d capacity building of contractors and workers on new and improved road construction and maintenance techniques.This component willfinance consultancy services and related software and IT equipment, to support the followingsubcomponents:

  • Subco mponent 1. Strengthen national road asset management
  • Subcomponent 2. Support theplanning and implementation of road safe ty measures. This subcomponent will benefit the Secretariat of the National Road SafetyCouncil (SNRSC) and will primarily finance t he elaboration of a national strategy and action plan on road safety, as well as theimplementation of select priority road safety m easures in collaboration with other interested donors.
  • Subcomponent 3.Support planning and design studies. This subcompo nent will finance studies undertaken by Council for Development andReconstruction (CDR) to prepare the required planning and designstudies for critical transport projects identified as prioritiesby the Lebanese government.
  • Subcomponent 4. Support tra ining activities. This subcomponent will support trainingactivities to build the technical skills of Ministry of Public Works and T ransport (MPWT) and CDR staff as well as workers andsmall contractors. In particular, this subcomponent will also support the train ing of small local contractors and microenterprisesand their workers on proper routine maintenance requirements and techniques, env ironmental and social aspects, and health andsafety aspects. The implementation of this subcomponent could be in collaboration withother interested donors such as theInternational Labor Organization (ILO).
  • Subcomponent 5. Support for project Implemen tation. This subcomponent willfinance the hiring of required experts by the implementing agency to properly undertake the implement ation and monitoring of theproject.

Procurement of contracts financed by the World Bank will be conducted throughthe procedures asspecified in the World Bank’s “Procurement Regulations for IPF Borrowers” July 2016 (“Pro curementRegulations”), which can be found at the following website:

Specific procurement noticesforcontracts to be bid under the World Bank’s Open International bidding procedures and for contracts for consultancy servic eswill be announced, as they become available, through the online system “Systematic Tracking of Exchanges in Procurement (STEP) in UN Development Business online, and CDR Website at

Interested eligible bidders who wishto bid under Open International and National procedures, and interested consultants who wish to submit expressions of interest for cco tosultancy contracts should consult the CDR Website at for Specific Procurement Notices as they become availableand nounced the CDR Website, as well as send their interest in the project to both belowemails: