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Project ID P075941
Project Title NELSAP Rusumo Falls MP SIL (FY14)
Country Eastern Africa
Notice No OP00073845
Notice Type Request for Expression of Interest
Notice Status Published
Borrower Bid Reference RW-NELSAP -116370-CS-QCBS
Procurement Method Quality And Cost-Based Selection
Language of Notice English
Submission Deadline Date/Time June 20, 2019  17:00
Published Date June 5, 2019


Organization/Department Nile Basin Initiative
Name JeromeCiza
Address Kigali City TowerNyarugenge DistrictKN 81 St. P.O. Box 6759 Kigali
City N/A
Province/State Rwanda
Postal Code N/A
Country Rwanda
Phone 250784650047
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Nile Equatorial Lakes Subsidiary Action Program CoordinationUnit(NELSAP-CU)


Regional Rusumo Falls HydroelectricProject

Loan/Credi t No. 5295 RW, 5296 TA, Grant No: H872-BI,H873-RW

Project N°: P075941

< p>Request for Expression ofInterest(REoI)

Ref. No: RW-NELSAP -116370-CS-QCBS

Consultancyservices as Owners Engineer for the completion of the Under- Construction Regional Rusumo falls hydroelectric Project (RRFHP)

The Republic of Burundi, the Republic of Rwanda, and the United Republic of Tanzania havereceived financing from the World Bank toward the cost of the implementation of the Regional Rusumo Falls Hydroelectric Project and intend receive to apply part of the proceeds for consultant services for  supervision of the civil works, DesignManufacturing install nd commissioning of Hydro mechanical Equipment, Design, Manufacturing Installation and CommissioningElectromechanical Equipment of the Regional Rusumo Falls Hydroelectric PowerProject(RRFHP).


The three countries establisheda Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) namelyRusumo Power Company Limited (RPCL) to oversee the implementation and operation of the proje ct. The RPCL delegated implementationof the project to the NBI/Nile Equatorial Lakes Coordination Unit (NELSAP-CU). NELSAP CU estab lished a Project Implementation Unit(PIU) which is in charge of day to day implementation of the project.




The Project implementation is supervised by theJoint Venture as OwnersEngineer whose contract ends on 4th October 2019.  The project is implemented by two (2) contractors w ho have been recruitedand undertaking the construction of the project with the overall current project progress at 42%:  the p roject has twopackages. This includes (i) Contract Package No1 (CP1): Civil works and Hydro-mechanical Equipment; (ii) Contract Pac kage N02(CP2): Electromechanical Equipment. Two Dispute Boards are in Place. For CP1, the Dispute Board is composed of three member s,while for CP2 the Dispute Board is a single member one. The project is expected to be completed by July 2021


Scope of work


The main objective of the Consultantsupervising firm (Owner’s Engineer) assignment is to be responsible of the works performed from the effective date of the conttract. supervThis includes but not limited the designs revision, the supervision of the construction, the supervision of theinstallation o equipment, the supervision of the commissioning the support to the Owner during the liability period as well ascarrying out or supe rvise of additional studies required for an efficient implementation of the Project and in compliance with therequirements of the C ontracts and to the standards and requirements of World Bank. It is expected that the selected Consultantwill be required to commen ce services immediately as the contract of the current Owners Engineer is expiring this year in October2019   In order toachieve this goal, the Consultant shall carry out the followingtasks:

       &n bsp;  Activities during the ConstructionPhase

  • Coordinate the activities of all parties to ensurethat the project is completed in a timelyand satisfactory manner. 
  • Review and monitoring of Contractors&rsqu o; qualityplans
  • Supervision of construction quality
  • Regular measurement and certification of comp letedworks
  • Monitoring of construction progress
  • Attendance at regular progress meetings
  • Review of Electromechanical submittals
  • Certification of payment milestones for ElectromechanicalContract
  • Witnessing of performance tests at manufacturers works
  • Witnessing of performance tests att site
  • ContractWitnessing of commissioning of power plant
  • Witnessing of commissioning oftransmission lines tions
  • Preparation and monitoring of defects list
  • Assessment and evaluation ofclaims, dispute reso lution
  • Environmental management and monitoring
  • Monitoring of timeline andprogress of all project components and identifying potential critical activities
  • Carry out and/ or supervisingadditional studies required by the project

     Activities during thePost-Construction Stage

  • Supervision of correction of defects under civil works contract for dam andpower plant.
  • Supervision of correction of defects under contract for electro-mechanical plant, transmission linesand substations.
  • Collationand preparation where appropriate of Operations and Maintenance manuals, as-builtdrawings and other design/construction records.
  • Coordination of monitoring of Resettlement Action Plans(RAP) and Environmental Social Management Plan(ESMP)
  • Liaison with dam safety panel
  • Liaison withenvironmental and social expert panel
  • Re porting to NELSAP

The NELSAP-CU now inviteseligible consulting firms (“Consultants”) to i ndicate their Expression of Interest in providing the supervisionServices. Interested Consultants should provide information demons trating that they have the required qualifications and relevantexperience to perform the Services. The shortlisting criteria are:


  • TheConsulting firm shall demonstrate qualification in Project Management and Co nstruction / Erection Supervision of hydropowerprojects including dam/weir construction, tunneling, hydraulic works, hydro-mechanic al and electro-mechanical equipment as well asin the monitoring of environmental, social and health & safety aspects.


  • The Consulting firm shall list all hydropower projects for which itcarried out the services listed above completed in the last 10 years, indicating nature, scope, location and cost of the assignment and s carrieze/capacity of hydropower projects.


  • The Consultingfirm musundertaken at least two (2) project references in Project Management and Construction / Erection Supervision andMonitoring of hydr opower project with a minimum project construction value equivalent to One Hundred and Fifty Million(150,000,000US$) American Dolla rs, a minimum installed capacity of 50 MW and with at least one such project financed, at least inpart, by International Financing Institutions.


  • The Consultantfirm shall demonstrate the capabilit y to mobilize in a short period competent staff in the following fields: Project Manager,Chief Resident Engineer for Dam and Power Station, Resident Mechanical Engineer, Resident Electrical Engineer, ESMP Coordinator aswell as the Design, Inspection and Monitori ng Team including; Chief Design Engineer, Geotechnical/Tunneling Engineer, Senior DamEngineer, Senior Hydraulic Steel Structures En gineer, Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer – Power Station, ElectricalEngineer – Substations and Transmission, Se nior Electrical and Systems Control Engineer, Telecommunications Specialistand Contract Management Specialist.

The attention of interestedConsultants is drawn to paragraph 1.9 of the World Bank’s Guidelines: Selection and Employment of Consultants under IBBRD Loan Consulta and IDA Credits & Grants by World Bank Borrowers (“Consultant Guidelines”), settingforth the Worl squo;s policy on conflict of interest. 

The Consultants (Firms) will be selected on theQuality and Cost Base d Selection (QCBS) in accordance with the World Bank’s Guidelines:Selection and Employment of Consu ltants by World Bank Borrowers (January 2011 edition, Revised July2014).


Consultants may associate with other firms in the form of a joint venture or a sub consultancy toenhance their qualifications.


The cons ulting firms participating in the current Joint Venture will notbe eligible to submit as the current Joint venture.

Inter ested consultants may obtain further information at the addressbelow:

All expressions of interest must be delivered to th e NELSAP Regional Coordinator through thefollowing e-mail address nelsapprocurement@nilebasin.organd copy to nelcuvacancy@nilebasin.orgby 20th June 2019 at 5:00p.m Rwandan Time.




Eng. Elicad Elly Nyabeeya

NELSAP RegionalCoordinator